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Welcome to the new Hemopet website! When we were configuring this site, we wanted to make sure the four pillars of our mission were represented: blood bank, greyhound adoption, research and education. We have several articles throughout the site located under their respective topics. Additionally, we have Dr. Dodds' Pet Health Resource Blog, which primarily focuses on vaccines, thyroid and nutrition topics.

Popular Vaccine Posts:
Puppy and Kitten Vaccines: Timing is critical
Dr. Jean Dodds' Canine Vaccination Protocol 2016
Dr. Jean Dodds' Feline Vaccination Protocol 2013-2016
Avoid Unnecessary Vaccines with Titer Tests (Part III)
Frequently Asked Questions about Titers and Vaccination Protocol by Dr. Dodds

Popular Nutrition Posts:
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Raw vs. Cooked Foods: Perhaps the most controversial current topic in the pet world (Part I)
Coconut Oil: The Good Saturated Fat
Pumpkin: Why is it such a popular treatment for diarrhea?
Food Transitioning vs. Food Rotating: What is the difference?
Reduce Inflammation, Improve Detoxification and Promote Repair
Should Companion Animals Who Have Chronic Kidney Disease Eat Lower Protein Diets?
Food Sensitivity vs. Food Allergy: Is it not really the same thing?

Popular Thyroid Posts:
Aberrant Behavior and Thyroid Dysfunction
Properly Administering Thyroid Medication to Your Dog
Q&A with Dr. Dodds: Can collars really damage the thyroid?