About Us

Hemopet is a full-service facility consisting of an animal blood bank, greyhound rescue and adoption, and specialty veterinary diagnostic laboratory.

Hemopet’s non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program was established in 1986. First, Hemopet rescues retired racing greyhounds from several states who then donate lifesaving blood periodically. The blood components and supplies are provided to veterinary clinics for transfusions. After 12-18 months, Hemopet’s Pet Life-Line Division places the dogs up for adoption or into foster care for adoption.

Completing the Hemopet Cycle of Life, we started Hemolife Diagnostics in 2001. Hemolife is dedicated to offering the highest quality full-service laboratory diagnostic program with expert interpretation of data. In 2011, Hemolife added NutriScan, a patented canine and feline food sensitivity and intolerance testing system. This assay system uses saliva, rather than serum, and offers a clinically important new approach in nutrition. Salivary diagnostics can more reliably identify the foods to be avoided rather than focus on those that are less likely to be reactive. This revolutionary concept is the first food intolerance and sensitivity testing program to match pets with their individual nutritional needs and genetic makeup, i.e. functional nutrition or nutrigenomics.

W. Jean Dodds, DVM

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