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USDA Adverse Event Due to Vaccinations Reporting

FYI: USDA Adverse Event Due to Vaccinations Reporting

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been implementing important and positive changes regarding adverse events that companion pets or livestock (feed animals) may have experienced due to a vaccination. We explain the changes and what you can do if your companion pet suffers from an adverse event. What sparked these changes? The Virus-Serum-Toxin…

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Circovirus in Dogs

Circovirus in Dogs: Should we be concerned?

Circovirus in dogs came into the national spotlight in 2013 as several dogs in Michigan, Ohio and California possibly became ill or died from this newly discovered virus. Companion dog caregivers were justifiably concerned. Bear in mind that the sickened dogs did not cause the discovery of this virus. Dog circovirus was actually discovered a…

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Outbreak of Antibiotic Resistant Campylobacter Bacteria Linked to Pet Store Puppies

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) issued a report recently concerning the spread of antibiotic resistant Campylobacter jejuni bacteria from pet store puppies to humans. We have summarized the findings and provide analysis. CDC Report Summary 118 persons, including 29 pet store employees, in 18 states were identified with campylobacteriosis illness onset during January 5, 2016 –…

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Different Vaccine Types and Advancements

Vaccine innovations are rapidly expanding to develop new, more effective, alternative or safer vaccines against a wide variety of diseases in people and animals. While vaccines carry both health benefits and some health risks, we decided to step back and provide you with a basic glossary of the types of vaccines currently available, vaccination variables, words commonly associated with vaccines,…

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Cat Scratch Disease

The colloquial name for bartonellosis, cat scratch disease (CSD) typically caused by the bacterium, Bartonella henselae, is possibly the most mischaracterized description for any disease out there. Yes; scratches from cats that carry Bartonella spp. can cause bartonellosis in humans, but the name does not identify the actual vector source, namely – cat fleas. In fact, insects are the…

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Dodds Rebuts Incorrect Vaccination Article

An article regarding vaccinations was inaccurately attributed to Dr. Dodds and has been circulating. Dr. Dodds reviewed the article, rebutted statements and corrected the vaccination protocol. Corrected Vaccination Protocol Vaccine Initial 1st Annual Booster Re-Administration Interval Comments Distemper (MLV) (e.g. Merck Nobivac DPV, or NeoVacD monovalent CDV only). Optional is recombinant rCDV = Merial Recombitek, but only comes…

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Canine Influenza and Parvovirus Treatment Options

In our last article, we discussed Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and Xofluza (oxavir marboxil), two influenza antiviral medications that are prescribed to humans after infection has occurred. These treatment options are only approved for human use thus far. What about dogs? You may have heard in the past that Tamiflu has been used to treat viruses and assume the use applies to canine…

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