Guest Blog Post: Easy-to-Bake Dog Treats

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Thanks to Coleen for providing us with photos and an easy-to-bake dog treat recipe for any dog to enjoy!

I make my own treats because after his NutriScan results showed many intolerances there are few commercial options out there and with agility training I reward often! I then can control the ingredients and also the fat contents by using leaner meats.  I hope you find this useful and I’m happy to be of any help! Enjoy!

1. Choose any protein or vegetable. I generally choose raw grinds.
2. Defrost completely in fridge and then empty contents onto cookie sheet and press the mixture out. (I placed waxed paper over it to keep my fingers from getting messy)
3. Place into oven and bake on low temp 250 degrees for about 2 hrs or until done.
4. Cut into bite/treat sized pieces with a pizza cutter while still warm, and then let completely cool.
5. Put into Ziplock bags and freeze.
6. I take out whatever I think I need for training as they defrost quickly.

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