Circovirus in Dogs

Circovirus in Dogs: Should we be concerned?

Circovirus in dogs came into the national spotlight in 2013 as several dogs in Michigan, Ohio and California possibly became ill or died from this newly discovered virus. Companion dog caregivers were justifiably concerned. Bear in mind that the sickened dogs did not cause the discovery of this virus. Dog circovirus was actually discovered a…

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Cytopoint for Itchy Skin | Dr. Dodds Hemopet

Cytopoint for a Dog’s Itchy Skin

Several readers asked us about Cytopoint, a newer medication to relieve itchy skin in dogs, and how it is different than Apoquel after an article we recently penned about the latter. What is the difference between Cytopoint and Apoquel? Apoquel (oclacitinib) is a synthetic medication that modulates two (JAK1 and JAK3) out the four known…

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Studies Show Pets Protect Children from Allergy and Obesity

Studies Show Pets Protect Children from Illnesses

“Having pets growing up makes you less allergic or nonallergic to them.” That phrase was once considered an old wives’ tale. Nowadays, researchers are proving it to be true. The devil is in the details such as when you have pets growing up, how many pets, and what type of pet you have. Even though…

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Apoquel (Oclacitinib) Use in Dogs with Itchy Skin

Meet Cooper, a Pit Bull Terrier dog. Cooper is a new member of the Hemopet family, lives in the Midwest, and is currently taking oclacitinib maleate (Apoquel). Oclacitinib is prescribed to dogs to suppress their allergy or sensitivity symptoms such as itchy skin or rashes. This is Cooper’s story to try to treat his symptoms…

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The Complicated Pet Food Industry

In general, the pet food industry operates in a fairly veiled manner – particularly the larger manufacturers in the kibble segment. Current primary concerns have focused microbial contamination and the presence of ingredients undeclared on the label. Indeed, a 2013 study of dry pet foods used for food elimination trials stated that 80% of selected pet food diets were…

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Can Inflammation Ever Be Good for the Body?

Oftentimes when we discuss inflammation on Dr. Dodds’ Pet Health Resource Blog, we focus on the bad chronic inflammation that could result in long-term diseases. Flipping the conversation on its head: can inflammation ever be good for the body? Yes; it can. Acute inflammation (short-term) is the body’s defense system protecting itself from an injury or infection. Think about a…

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