Q&A with Dr. Dodds: Testing pets who do not have classic food intolerance symptoms

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Recently, we received an excellent question from Canada regarding NutriScan.

Hello Dr. Dodds, Can my dog have a NutriScan test even if he does not currently show food intolerance? I am asking this question because at a very young age almost 4 months, Zack has shown intolerance of kibble given by his breeder. So we changed kibble for a fish-based grain-free food, and now he is OK. I would like to introduce him to BARF (biologically appropriate raw foods), but for that matter, I just want to be sure that I offer Zack foods that he will tolerate. So would the NutriScan test be good even if Zack currently has no apparent food intolerance at this time?  

Hello! This is an excellent question that we have been meaning to address. YES! It is a good idea to have dogs that do not or no longer have classic symptoms of food intolerance tested with Nutriscan. His body may be reactive to undeclared food ingredients that are present in commercial pet foods including premium and even prescription foods. These occurrences have been recently documented in several publications. 

He could also have vague symptoms related to food intolerance that go undiagnosed.  Identifying any reactive foods or treats allows you to remove them from the diet and make an apparently healthy pet even healthier. This approach can benefit all dogs, cats and horses.

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