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Hemopet operates behind-the-scenes helping the veterinary community save our companion dogs’ lives. It is rare for us to have the opportunity to demonstrate how critical our services are. I want to spotlight, Robin, the fearless police dog who was stung by approximately 60-100 bees in May 2015. In the video, you will hear my colleague, Dr. Jeff Patlogar, talk about the blood transfusion. Hemopet delivered this blood donation from Singsong, Hashtag and Fireball (pictured below) to help save Robin’s life. We are happy to report she has recovered.

Please make a tax deductible donation to Hemopet to help us continue to save lives.

About Hemopet

In 1986, I established Hemopet, the United States’ first 501©3 non-profit animal blood bank and greyhound rescue/adoption program. Hemopet’s licensed animal blood bank provides state-of-the-art blood components and supplies for transfusions to veterinary clinics nationwide and internationally. Hemopet makes transfusion medicine practical, safe and affordable, as well as benefits the donor greyhounds directly by adopting them out as family companions.

Conceptualization of Hemopet

During the AIDS crisis of the early 1980’s, it became apparent that the disease could be transmitted by transfusions of HIV contaminated blood. I was the Executive Director, New York State Council on Human Blood and Transfusion Services at the time and remember how little information we had about how the virus was spread and the panic that was seizing the nation. What we did know is that blood transfusions were a part of the problem. One evening, I was driving home and thought that we also needed a canine blood bank that would enable animal transfusion medicine to be practical, safe and affordable. So, I started Hemopet as a closed colony canine blood bank to reduce and eliminate the chances of blood-borne diseases amongst those dogs needing blood products. All of our canines have DEA 4 blood type and are thus true universal blood donors, which means that they can safely donate blood for any canine patient, regardless of the patient’s blood type. — Jean Dodds, DVM


I am proud to say that Hemopet provides 40% of the canine blood supply in the United States. Think about it: 2 out of every 5 canine blood transfusions come from Hemopet’s blood products. To do this, we have approximately 200 greyhounds at any one time who donate approximately every two weeks. Our lifesaving greyhounds sit on a pillow, are not anesthetized, and get a treat at the end of the blood donation process.

If you have ever had a companion dog ingest rodenticide, come down with parvovirus, have heat stroke, have a reaction to bee stings or diagnosed with immune mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA), your companion probably received a unit of Hemopet blood for treatment and care. — Jean Dodds, DVM

Thank you for your donation to help Hemopet continue to save all of our companion dogs.

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