Hemopet Truth

We have been accused of inhumane treatment of its resident greyhounds by a vocal animal activist group. All of these claims are misleading, unfounded falsehoods. Please see our comments below regarding accusations.

Accusation: The dogs live in cages 23 hours 45 minutes a day only coming out to “bleed them”. 
Hemopet truth: The dogs are turned out 5-6 times a day to play and socialize with up to 6 other dogs. Multiple volunteer groups, students and people with special need come in daily to walk and play with our dogs. 

Accusation: The dogs are only fed once a day. 
Hemopet truth: The dogs are fed twice a day, morning and evening.  They are fed premium kibble as well as special diets tailored to the needs of each dog. 

Accusation: The dogs receive no veterinary care. 
Hemopet truth: We have full-time veterinarians and animal health technicians on site to watch over and care for the dogs.  We send the dogs to ophthalmologists, orthopedic surgeons, and other specialists as needed. 

Accusation: The dogs live in small crates and can’t turn around. 
Hemopet truth: The dogs live in large 4 foot by 8 foot runs with another greyhound buddy. When they first arrive and when up for adoption they stay in the Great Dane size. kennels they will need for living in homes.  They can always fully turn around and stretch out. 

Accusation: The greyhounds don’t have adequate bedding. 
Hemopet truth: We receive donations weekly, sometimes daily, of blankets, towels and dog beds.  All dogs always have bedding. 

Accusation: Hemopet “bleeds” sick and anemic dogs. 
Hemopet truth: Only healthy happy dogs donate at Hemopet.  Hemopet preforms full health panels on all dogs every 6 months.  They are veterinary checked and receive proper care and attention. 

Accusation: The dogs are euthanized once they are done donating. 
Hemopet truth: No dogs are euthanized after their donating period. All the greyhounds are adopted into homes as family companions.  Hemopet works closely with other greyhound adoption groups to provide the best for the dogs. 

Accusation: All greyhounds must donate to “pay their rent”. 
Hemopet Truth: Hemopet also receives greyhounds that will not be joining our donor program. We will spay/neuter them, give them dental care, and tend to other various medical needs they may have. They also get adopted as loving family companions. 

Accusation: Hemopet profits off the dogs’ blood. 
Hemopet truth: Hemopet is a nonprofit state and federal charity that offers greyhound blood bank services and adoption.  We are also a specialty veterinary diagnostic laboratory. The lab is what subsidizes the greyhound blood bank program and adoption.  Hemopet spares no expense when it comes to the medical needs and care of the greyhounds. Hemopet pays for all orthopedic surgeries, ophthalmology visits and other medical needs with the monies made from our blood services. Everything truly goes back to and for the dogs.