Q&A w/Dr. Dodds: Kennel Cough Complex Vaccines

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Hi Dr. Dodds,

I use your vaccination protocol for my puppies. I have a litter that was born in late October 2012 and I am using your updated protocol which recommends 2 parvo-distemper instead of 3. I have a question about the Kennel Cough Intranasal vaccine because it’s not mentioned in your protocol. In order to take my Bichons to handling classes, I must get the Kennel Cough vaccine. Is it too early to get it at 12 weeks? What do you recommend? I appreciate any advice you can lend me.

Thanks so much.

Dr. Dodds says:
Hello! You can give the intranasal canine kennel cough vaccine complex (CAV-2, canine adenovirus-2; Bb, bordetella; and CPiV, canine parvoinfluenza) at any time after 5 weeks of age. Although my preference would be to give it later and separate it from the other vaccines by 10-14 days, if feasible. By the way, will your handling classes accept a written statement from you to waive their requirement for this vaccine, and “hold them harmless”? This would be another option, especially when it is recognized that kennel cough vaccines do not provide complete protection against the viruses and bacteria in this complex. Best wishes, Jean

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