Polly the Foster Surgery Week

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Polly is a 6 year old, Shih-Tzu foster who was surrendered to Last Hope Rescue. We have been following her condition of very large masses for quite some time and hope she recovers with flying colors! The weekly diary account comes from a third non-profit organization that is financially assisting with Polly’s major surgeries.  

Tuesday 3.03.2015
University of Wisconsin will be doing a CT Scan tomorrow. That will help them plan how best to remove these masses with as little anesthesia time as possible. It will also take a close look at her lymph nodes to see if enlarged and if they need to remove or biopsy them. The University of Wisconsin performed a biopsy of the masses and should have some preliminary results tomorrow. The full histopath will come after surgery.

They also took chest x-rays and all is clear there.

Her lab work was a little iffy here and there as expected because these tumors are causing massive amounts of inflammation in her body that affects the liver. Polly’s kidney values were adequate for the CT scan which uses a contrast dye that can sometimes hit the kidneys hard.

Polly does have a mild heart murmur and was assessed by cardiology. Blood Pressure good and they don’t feel that the murmur will have any negative effect on surgery.

Wednesday 3.04.2014
Polly had a CT scan and went to surgery today.

Overall, all organ structures look good with no type of metastasis noted. However she has a very concerning adrenal gland tumor which may or may not be malignant. These can secrete substances that can cause blood pressure/cardiac issues or if malignant can be highly aggressive. That tumor will not be addressed in this surgery.

Today, the UW surgical team will remove the largest mass which has fluid within it and the entire mammary chain on that side. They had aspirated the mass earlier and the diagnostics revealed inflammatory cells that did not give any specifics. They will also remove the cavitation area, which is where a portion of the tumor collapses on itself. That indentation can be from a portion of the mass that becomes “necrotic” and dies. The pathology results will take some time due to the extent of the tissue that they remove so we should know more in a few days.

Polly will heal up from that surgery and then return for removal of the mammary chain on the opposite side and the adrenal tumor as well.  She has nodules in each mammary gland so all will have to be removed.

Thursday 03.05.2015
The surgery went very well yesterday! After surgery, Polly was sleeping and taking it very easy. Today, she is up and bouncing around with pep in her step! Her appetite is a bit slow to return which is normal with pain control.  So Polly will be moved from ICU to the surgery ward.  She is off her IV fluids mow and they have transitioned her from IV pain meds to a fentanyl patch and oral pain control!

Polly has to heal from this first surgery before the second surgery, which will entail the other side of her mammary chain to be removed and address the mass on her adrenal gland.

They did pull a “plump” axillary lymph node to check it. Lots of times the nodes become “reactive” and swell based on the massive inflammation that these tumors cause in the surrounding tissue. So an enlarged node does not necessarily mean cancer at all. Just reactive to the inflammation.

Diagnostic pathology will probably be available next week some time since there is lots to look through.

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