Steve Brown Discusses Vitamin D Toxicity in Pet Foods

Steve Brown Discusses Vitamin D Toxicities in Pet Food

For the past few weeks, Hemopet has been trying to understand how toxic levels of vitamin D ended up in pet food. What appeared odd was that these excesses happened with two different types of pet foods – kibbles and canned – that were manufactured in different plants and affected various brands. Indeed, the processing…

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The Six Processed Forms of Dog and Cat Food

The numerous pet food options available today often present a quagmire to most pet owners – as it can be difficult to process all of it! Essentially, dog and cat foods are processed six different ways to become the end product – kibble, canned, dehydrated, freeze dried, raw, or home cooking – that your pet…

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The Skinny on Soy: Exposing a popular pet food protein

As those of you who read my posts and follow my work are aware, I advocate that optimum health begins with optimum nutrition. This is not just an “opinion”; it is a fact born out by the latest scientific research, which is focused on functional foods designed for the individual person or animal. This is…

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