Different Vaccine Types and Advancements

Vaccine innovations are rapidly expanding to develop new, more effective, alternative or safer vaccines against a wide variety of diseases in people and animals. While vaccines carry both health benefits and some health risks, we decided to step back and provide you with a basic glossary of the types of vaccines currently available, vaccination variables, words commonly associated with vaccines,…

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Top 10 Facts on Vaccines

1. “Core” vaccines important for puppies and kittens. 2. Other vaccines optional depending on location and lifestyle. 3. Annual boosters not required and usually unnecessary/unwise. 4. Vaccination may not equate to immunization; check serum titers to validate. 5. Long-term protection from canine distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus; feline panleukopenia. 6. Measure serum antibody (vaccine titers) instead annually…

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