Medicinally Active Native Plants: The use of cannabis for pets

Did you know that approximately 40% of the United States pharmaceutical drugs are derived from plants? Many rainforest and other native plants have potent and useful medicinal properties, and some are controversial, misunderstood or abused. Good examples are heroin, an illegal drug, and Vicodin, a commonly prescribed pain reliever. Both are derivatives of opium. Opium…

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Review of Seizures/Epilepsy in Animals

Coauthored with Diana R. Laverdure Dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and trailblazer, Joanne Carson, PhD, Founder of Canine Epilepsy Guardian Angels Seizures are the most common neurological disorder in dogs (Wong, 2013). Witnessing a beloved dog in the throes of a seizure is terrifying; the fear that he will injure himself, that he shouldn’t…

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