More Need-to-Knows About Raw Diets for Pets

More Need-to-Knows About Raw Pet Food Diets

Dr. Dodds and many veterinarians advocate feeding raw pet food to companion dogs and cats. We have discussed the topic of raw pet food diets numerous times before as in our article, Pet Foods: Raw Vs. Cooked Food Diets and Bacteria Concerns. We have noticed that the health and vigor of pets improve immensely when…

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Dog Paw Inflammation

Dog Paw Inflammation: More Important Than You Know

Oftentimes, when dog companion parents notice something a bit odd about their companion dog’s paws, they assume the dog stepped in, walked through, or got something lodged in the paws. This very well could be the case. However, dog paw inflammation can also be a sign of a more complicated problem. Definition The medical name…

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Cytopoint for Itchy Skin | Dr. Dodds Hemopet

Cytopoint for a Dog’s Itchy Skin

Several readers asked us about Cytopoint, a newer medication to relieve itchy skin in dogs, and how it is different than Apoquel after an article we recently penned about the latter. What is the difference between Cytopoint and Apoquel? Apoquel (oclacitinib) is a synthetic medication that modulates two (JAK1 and JAK3) out the four known…

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Innovative Stem Cell Therapy to Repair the Gut

    The ethical controversy regarding regenerative medicine (stem cell therapy) revolves around how the cells are curated. While I believe in ethical procurement, the controversy has escalated to the point of hampering this very important, lifesaving research. I support the conduct of medical trials and their potential. In my opinion, it is a “wholistic”…

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Commercial Raw Diets and Food Sensitivities

It’s true that the health and vigor of dogs and cats fed raw diets “shine” in all respects. Commercial raw diets generally have less ingredients, less additives compared to kibbles, more organic ingredients, and more responsibly sourced meat proteins. Raw food absorbability is also greater and it is less processed. It has also been postulated…

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The White Potatoes: Buy smart for optimum health

For more information on the difference between sweet potatoes and white potatoes, please visit my previous blog article, “Sweet Potatoes vs. White Potatoes: What is the difference for your pet?”  Many people question why our kidney and liver cleansing diets contain white potatoes even though they rank high on the glycemic index. The reason is…

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Dog and Cat Pea Intolerance

Commercial pet food manufacturers are increasingly adding peas or pea fiber to dog and cat food. Several reasons exist for this uptick.1. Peas are considered a “better-for-you” replacement for consumers demanding soy-free and grain-free pet foods.2. Peas are used instead of white potatoes which rank high on the glycemic index and prevalent sensitivities.3. Pea and…

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