More Need-to-Knows About Raw Diets for Pets

More Need-to-Knows About Raw Pet Food Diets

Dr. Dodds and many veterinarians advocate feeding raw pet food to companion dogs and cats. We have discussed the topic of raw pet food diets numerous times before as in our article, Pet Foods: Raw Vs. Cooked Food Diets and Bacteria Concerns. We have noticed that the health and vigor of pets improve immensely when…

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Itch relief for dogs

Anti-Inflammatory Cream for Dogs

The bugs have been out in full-force this summer! Whether they are simply swarming or actually biting, they can be aggravating. To seek relief from the itchiness caused by bug bite inflammation, you might desperately grab calamine lotion or some other anti-itch cream. For humans, calamine lotion is fine. For pets, it is not recommended.…

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Tank's Story NutriScan Case Study

Tank’s Story: NutriScan Case Study

Name: TankBreed: Pit BullAge: 2.5 years oldSex: Male Before NutriScan Tank had stomach issues such as loose stools since he was 8 weeks old. Additionally, he had recurring ear infections and rashes that turned into bacterial skin infections from scratching. Tank’s blood panels were inconclusive. He was on a grain-free food which seemed to help…

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Vomiting vs. Regurgitation and Associated Conditions

I am emphatically stating here that vomiting and regurgitating are not synonyms. People likely confuse the two since humans are more prone to vomit than regurgitate. It is very important for pet caregivers – particularly of dogs and horses – to be able to distinguish between the two conditions since they can indicate very different…

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Dog and Cat Pea Intolerance

Commercial pet food manufacturers are increasingly adding peas or pea fiber to dog and cat food. Several reasons exist for this uptick.1. Peas are considered a “better-for-you” replacement for consumers demanding soy-free and grain-free pet foods.2. Peas are used instead of white potatoes which rank high on the glycemic index and prevalent sensitivities.3. Pea and…

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Food Sensitivity vs. Food Allergy: Is It Not Really Just the Same Thing?

Confusing food allergies with food sensitivities (or intolerances) is a common mistake, not only among dog guardians, but also among veterinary professionals. I often hear experts in the veterinary field refer to food allergies, when in fact they are talking about food sensitivities. This is unfortunate, because as long as the veterinary community continues to…

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