Steve Brown Discusses Vitamin D Toxicity in Pet Foods

Steve Brown Discusses Vitamin D Toxicities in Pet Food

For the past few weeks, Hemopet has been trying to understand how toxic levels of vitamin D ended up in pet food. What appeared odd was that these excesses happened with two different types of pet foods – kibbles and canned – that were manufactured in different plants and affected various brands. Indeed, the processing…

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Nutrient Comparison of Popular Dog Food Ingredients

In February 2018, a study was published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal by Mikkyla Reid, Adronie Verbrugghe and Anna Shoveller that reviewed popular dog food ingredients and their nutritional value among four different international databases. The premise of this study was to assess foods from a different angle and bring the homemadepet food discussion back…

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Raw Diets and Bloodwork Results: Should you be concerned?

For almost two decades, the veterinary community has debated the effects of raw diets on laboratory blood and urine results. Unfortunately, the debate has not been definitively resolved and is now sending confusing mixed messages to companion animal parents. I want to give my conclusive opinion, based upon published results and personal experience. Blood is my thing. I am…

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The Six Processed Forms of Dog and Cat Food

The numerous pet food options available today often present a quagmire to most pet owners – as it can be difficult to process all of it! Essentially, dog and cat foods are processed six different ways to become the end product – kibble, canned, dehydrated, freeze dried, raw, or home cooking – that your pet…

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Higher Is Not the Same as High Quality

Yes; it appears that certain commercial kibbles have higher protein content – according to the guaranteed analysis – than commercially prepared raw foods. In the comparison below, the dry matter basis clearly demonstrates that the commercially prepared raw food has more protein. I prefer that you compare the actual amount of protein per pound on…

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Tiptoeing from Treats into Home Cooking for Pets

I often hear from frustrated clients who are unable to find a commercial pet food that does not contain an ingredient or ingredients to which their pet may react. This is definitely a shortcoming from an industry that provides an abundance of choices. My suggestion is always to home cook and freeze meals for a…

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