Commercial Raw Diets and Food Sensitivities

It’s true that the health and vigor of dogs and cats fed raw diets “shine” in all respects. Commercial raw diets generally have less ingredients, less additives compared to kibbles, more organic ingredients, and more responsibly sourced meat proteins. Raw food absorbability is also greater and it is less processed. It has also been postulated…

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The White Potatoes: Buy smart for optimum health

For more information on the difference between sweet potatoes and white potatoes, please visit my previous blog article, “Sweet Potatoes vs. White Potatoes: What is the difference for your pet?”  Many people question why our kidney and liver cleansing diets contain white potatoes even though they rank high on the glycemic index. The reason is…

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Tiptoeing from Treats into Home Cooking for Pets

I often hear from frustrated clients who are unable to find a commercial pet food that does not contain an ingredient or ingredients to which their pet may react. This is definitely a shortcoming from an industry that provides an abundance of choices. My suggestion is always to home cook and freeze meals for a…

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