Tank's Story NutriScan Case Study

Tank’s Story: NutriScan Case Study

Name: TankBreed: Pit BullAge: 2.5 years oldSex: Male Before NutriScan Tank had stomach issues such as loose stools since he was 8 weeks old. Additionally, he had recurring ear infections and rashes that turned into bacterial skin infections from scratching. Tank’s blood panels were inconclusive. He was on a grain-free food which seemed to help…

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The Use and Abuse of Probiotics

Yes; I love probiotics! My co-author, Diana Laverdure, and I consider them to be a functional superfood. As many of you know, probiotics are microorganisms, or “good” bacteria that provide beneficial effects to humans and animals, including preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria in the gut, improving gastrointestinal health, and delaying or preventing the onset of food sensitivities. Recent…

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