Kennel Cough Complex: A complicated phrase for the canine common cold

Infectious canine tracheobronchitis or canine infectious respiratory disease complex has multiple causative agents and its symptoms range from sneezing and bronchitis to inflammation of the throat. In plain English, it is Kennel Cough, the so-called common cold for dogs, which prevails in enclosed, poorly ventilated areas. Just like a child catches a cold at school,…

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Q&A w/Dr. Dodds: Kennel Cough Complex Vaccines

Hi Dr. Dodds, I use your vaccination protocol for my puppies. I have a litter that was born in late October 2012 and I am using your updated protocol which recommends 2 parvo-distemper instead of 3. I have a question about the Kennel Cough Intranasal vaccine because it’s not mentioned in your protocol. In order…

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To vaccinate or not to vaccinate for Infectious Canine Hepatitis?

Infectious canine hepatitis (ICH) is caused by canine adenovirus -1 (CAV-1) but we no longer have vaccines against this strain because they caused  “blue eye”, a permanent protein-deposit blue opacity on one or both eyes. Instead, we vaccinate with canine adenovirus -2 (CAV-2), which is part of the kennel cough complex of viruses [CAV-2 is…

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