Steve Brown Discusses Vitamin D Toxicity in Pet Foods

Steve Brown Discusses Vitamin D Toxicities in Pet Food

For the past few weeks, Hemopet has been trying to understand how toxic levels of vitamin D ended up in pet food. What appeared odd was that these excesses happened with two different types of pet foods – kibbles and canned – that were manufactured in different plants and affected various brands. Indeed, the processing…

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Pet Foods: Raw vs. Cooked Food Diets and Bacteria Concerns

The debate over which type of diet is best for dogs and other pets – raw meat-based or cooked meat-based – often stirs strong emotions and polarizes people into taking “sides”, often with no room for acceptance of the other viewpoint. Proponents of raw food diets cite numerous benefits, including: More closely mirrors the evolutionary…

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The 6 Pillars of Choosing Commercial Pet Foods

Choosing pet foods is possibly one of the most overwhelming decisions. Think about choosing pet food like choosing a pizza for yourself. Pizza 1. Do you want a wheat crust or white crust?2. Do you want a gluten-free crust?3. Do you want thin, original, New York or Chicago style?4. Do you want tomato sauce?5. If…

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GMO Foods and Mycotoxins in Pet Foods

Introduction There is little doubt today that nutrition plays a key role in maintaining the health and longevity of human and animal populations and their resistance to disease (1-3). Food and diet can directly affect the expression of our genetic potential. In the last 15 years, medical, veterinary and nutrition scientists have begun applying genomics…

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