The 6 Pillars of Choosing Commercial Pet Foods

Choosing pet foods is possibly one of the most overwhelming decisions. Think about choosing pet food like choosing a pizza for yourself. Pizza 1. Do you want a wheat crust or white crust?2. Do you want a gluten-free crust?3. Do you want thin, original, New York or Chicago style?4. Do you want tomato sauce?5. If…

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Protein and Senior Dogs by Diana Laverdure-Dunetz

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz is my co-author for Canine Nutrigenomics: TheNew Science of Feeding Your Dog for Optimum Health and The Canine ThyroidEpidemic: Answers You Need for Your Dog. I am pleased to share with you an excerpt from her two-part article covering preventative measures on canine aging. Her originalarticle is very comprehensive and covers topics I…

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Balancing Phytoestrogens for Companion Pets

    A phytoestrogen is an estrogen-like compound occurring naturally in plants of the legume family and in grains, vegetables, and fruits.  Phytoestrogens have been widely researched for their health benefits to help prevent certain types of cancer and other aging-related disorders but are also believed to be endocrine disruptors.  In the instance of phytoestrogens,…

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