Top 10 Facts on Thyroid Disorders

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1. All animals are not the same:

  • young have higher thyroid levels
  • old have lower levels
  • small and toy dog breeds gave higher levels
  • large and giant dog breeds have lower levels
  • sighthound breeds have lower levels

2. Most common endocrine disorder of dogs

3. Most common endocrine disorder older cats after diabetes

4. Thyroid hormone is given apart from foods containing calcium or soy, to ensure absorption

5. Half-life of thyroxine in dogs is short; give total daily dose divided morning and night

6. T4 alone not accurate for thyroid assessment; minimum needs are T4 and free T4

7. Even those 2 assays fail to detect heritable thyroiditis; thyroid antibody (TgAA) needed 

8. cTSH poor predictor of thyroid dysfunction in dogs with 30% discordancy

9. cTSH helpful in diagnosis and follow up monitoring of hyperthyroid cats

10.  Thyroid glandular and other support insufficient to correct true thyroid dysfunction

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