Top 10 Facts on Nutrition

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Top 10 Facts on Nutrition

1. Nutrition is the key to a healthy immune system and resistance to disease.
2. Provide variety of whole, nutrient dense foods for health and longevity.
3. Feed species appropriate diets; needed not just to survive but thrive.
4. True food allergies rare; food intolerances common. Food elimination trials poorly followed.
5. Dogs have become obligate omnivores; genome evolved to digest and assimilate starch.
6. Cats remain obligate carnivores.
7. Raw balanced diets are superior; use common sense safety precautions.
8. Commercial raw diets should be high-pressure pasteurized; freeze dried, dehydrated or frozen.
9. Homemade balanced diets with human-grade ingredients also very good.
10. Grain-free, preferably gluten-free commercial diets are suitable too.

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